Despre Migdelia

EN: About the blog: is a personal blog related to petite fashion, with styling ideas and shopping information focuses mainly on business / office outfits. The porpuse of this blog is to give solutions for XXS women, that want to be stylish and confindent. Probably the first petite fashion blog in Romania

About Migdelia: My name is Mihaela but I got somehow the nickname Migdelia (I don’t know what is stands for but it sounds nice and I like it). I’m from Sibiu, Romania, currently living in Bucharest, and and I exceed with grace the height of 1.53 m πŸ™‚ I started this blog to share my experiences and the challenges I go through when shopping. It is still a real adventure to find shoes and clothing my size (35 at shoes and XS or XXS at clothes), to feet my shape and style and also that I enjoy.

Starting from fashion, the topics of my posts have diversified and I write also about travel.

RO:Β Despre blog: este un blog de fashion pentru mignone, cu idei de styling si informatii despre shopping cu focus pe tinute business/office. Acest blog isi doreste sa ofere solutii pentru doamnele/domnisoarele minione, care isi doresc sa se simta increzatoare. Cred ca este primul blog nisat pe petite fashion din Romania.

Despre Migdelia: Numele meu este Mihaela, dar m-am pricopsit cu porecla Migdelia (nu stiu sa va spun de la ce vine, suna dragutz si imi place). Sunt o ardeleanca din Sibiu, dar in prezent locuiesc in Bucuresti si depasesc cu gratie inaltimea de 1.53 m πŸ™‚ Am inceput acest blog pentru a impartasi din experienta mea si provocarile prin care trec la shopping. Este inca o aventura sa gasesc articole de marimea potrivita (35 la incaltaminte si XS sau XXS pentru articole vestimentare), care sa-mi placa si sa-mi avantajeze silueta.

De la fashion, subiectele s-au diversificat si am atins atat partea de travel.

Migdelia – each moment is a story / o poveste in fiecare clipa

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