#TravelPost – Ronda, orasul spectaculos de pe stanci

RO: In continuarea calatoriei prin Andaluzia, am pornit catre cea mai cautata destinatie din apropierea orasului Malaga. Este o asezare micuta, dar cu totul aparte, care fara indoiala se regaseste in topul celor mai spectaculoase orase construite pe stanci, si anume orasul Ronda.

 ENG: Following our journey through Andalusia, we headed to the most sought-after destination near Malaga. It is a small, but very special settlement, which is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cities built on the rocks, namely the city of Ronda.

RO: Zona este strabatuta de Raul Guadalevin care formeaza un canion superb. Orasul a fost construit pana la marginea acestui canion, ceea ce iti permite sa te bucuri de un peisaj de vis.

 ENG: The area is crossed by Guadalevin River which forms a impressive canyon. The city was built up to the edge of this canyon, which allows you to enjoy a dreamy landscape.

RO: Acelasi rau taie orasul in doua, iar pentru a conectat ambele parti de-a lungul anilor au fost construite trei poduri, care cu siguranta sunt cele mai fotografiate structuri din oras. Puente Romano (Podul Roman), Puente Viejo (Podul Arab) si Puente Nuevo (Podul Nou), fiecare fiind numit dupa epoca istorica in care a fost construit, de catre neamurile straine care au stapanit orasul. Puente Nuevo este cel mai inalt dintre ele, se ridica la 120 de metri deasupra canionului si de pe suprafata lui, orasul arata fantastic, ofera cea mai frumoasa panorama.

 ENG: The same river cuts the city in two, and to connect both sides over the years have been built three bridges, which are certainly the most photographed structures in the city. Puente Romano, Puente Viejo (Arabian Bridge) and Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), each being named after the historical era in which they were built by the foreign nations who ruled the city. Puente Nuevo is the highest of them, it rises at 120 meters above the canyon and from its surface the city looks fantastic, it offers you the most beautiful panorama.

RO: Stiati ca aici, in Ronda, s-a nascut corida moderna?  Un toreador a schimbat modul de confruntare din arena si s-a decis sa nu mai lupte cu taurul de pe saua unui cal, ci sa coboare la nivelul animalului, aparat doar de capa trandafirie. Arena in care s-a desfasurat aceasta schimbare este arena din Muzeul Coridei din Ronda.

 ENG: Did you know that in Ronda was born the modern corrida? A toreador changed the way of confrontation in the arena, and decided not to fight the bull on a horse, but to go down an fight with the bull protected only by the red cloack. The arena in which this fight took place is the arena at the Bullfighting Museum in Ronda.

RO: Te poti pierde in plimbari indelungante pe stradutele inguste ale orasului vechi. Cu siguranta vei descoperi mici si mari comori, de la magazine cu suveniruri, cladiri muzeu si pana la portocali parca pictati de un artist uitat de timp.

 ENG: You can easily get lost in long walks along the narrow streets of the old town. You will surely discover small, priceless treasures, from souvenir shops, museum buildings or beautiful orange trees, that look like they were painted by an artist forgotten by time.

RO: Casele din oras sunt simple, varuite in alb, cu tigla rosie, ferestrele si usile sunt marcate de caramizi colorate, iar balcoanele mici sunt din fier. Este o caracteristica a localitatilor din zona, care sunt numite si Pueblos blancos, iar Ronda este o adevarata capitala a “satelor albe”.

 ENG: The houses are simple, white, with red tiles, only the windows and the doors are built with colored bricks, and the small balconies are made of iron. It is a particularity of the settlements in the area, which are also called Pueblos blancos, and Ronda is a true capital of the “white villages”.


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